How To Write Research Paper Analysis – Advice From A Teacher

Professional advice is always preferable as opposed to general advice. In regards to analysing a research paper, it is all the more helpful as there is a specific set of rules and regulations to be maintained. For instance, an essay can be moulded as per the student’s whims and fancies but a thesis paper must abide by a given guideline.

A scientific outlook

A scientific perspective is required of the student while scripting a research paper analysis. Regardless of what the field of study is, he must maintain a certain level of technical approach and a general professional writing style. This includes incorporating the approved key words and following a proper theory, along with using lucid, but contextual, terms and phrases. Ambiguity and erroneousness are easily identifiable and are not tolerated by the reviewers. The student must be familiar with his topic before proceeding to write a paper on it.

Importance of gathering information

It is extremely important to collect all available information on the topic to aid the students in writing their dissertations.

  • Visiting well-stocked libraries is a sure fire way to come across priceless information on any and all topics.
  • Consulting teachers and professors can be of immense help to those students, who are fairly new to writing thesis papers.
  • Asking seniors, who have been through the same situation, can also come in rather handy.
  • The Internet is a storehouse of all kinds of information on a particular topic.
  • Going through old newspaper articles and reputed journals is an excellent choice, in this case, provided that the student has a lot of patience.

Strict format must be followed

It is of utmost importance that the students follow the school or university guidelines, in terms of which formatting style to stick to. Each and every educational institution has its own rules and regulations and the students must be familiar with them so that their paper is accepted and fetches them good grades. The most orthodox formatting style is the one that begins with the title and index pages, moves on to the actual study, and ends with the conclusion, followed by the bibliography.

Neat and professional presentation

The thesis paper should be neatly and tidily presented to the authorities, in charge of reviewing the papers. This is very important as it is a foreshadow of whether the student has taken the assignment seriously or not. The layout should be clean and the font should be sufficiently sized.