Interior Design Research Paper Topics That Can Make You Stand Out

Interior design is a broad field that covers a variety of topics that cover art, architectural design, culture, the environment, color theory, and more. These broad topics can be further broken down based on variations across cultures or through different times in history, or adaptation of different design concepts or principles in different settings or countries. Choosing a topic for a research paper on design requires filtering through this profusion of information and restricting your paper to a precise topic. You can also pick a topic that has been done before and look at the issue from a different perspective.

How to filter information to find a topic

As mentioned above, finding a topic for an interior design writing project requires filtering through a load of information and restricting the paper to a precise topic. But how do you actually achieve this? Here are some useful pointers.

  • Visit a public library near you
  • Find magazines that are dedicated to design and architecture
  • Visit your school library
  • Try to find an example of an interior design paper

After finding some resources that may help you narrow down to a topic, you can now consider the following topic ideas.

  1. Decorating Styles
    Interior design encompasses a broad range of decorating styles like Art Deco, Victorian, Mission Style or Edwardian. Under these broad topics you can:
    • Describe the types of paint colors as well as trims that are used on the interior of a particular house.
    • Describe the kinds of wall treatments used on a certain building with a particular decorating style.
    • Describe the architectural details defining the style of a certain room in a prominent building.
    • Discuss the unique elements of furniture found in a certain room in a prominent building.
  2. Color Combinations
    You may choose to discuss the color theory and the different types of design options within various color combinations. For instance, you can choose the work of amateur designers to show in your research paper, experimental design principles. Some possible topics here include:
    • Explain the value of the relationship between soft and hard surfaces, including tones and hues in monochromatic design schemes.
    • Explain how color has been used to create depth in a certain room.
    • Explain how color has been used to achieve form and space in a certain room.
  3. Interior Design Trends
    As the interior design field evolves, you can find numerous topics to write about with respect to emerging trends. Some possible topics include:
    • Explain the fabric and color choices for contemporary living room designs in a certain country.
    • Explain how new accessories are used to decorate rooms in modern times.
    • Discuss how color is used to create certain effects in commercial establishments.