Hand-Picked Research Paper Topics For High School

When you’re in high school, you’re able to do a number of interesting and outstanding research projects. In most cases, students don’t think so because they hate writing a lot and spending hours in libraries, searching for reference materials. They hardly imagine how exciting it can be to do an investigation of an issue that’s interesting to you. Your interest in the subject and your particular topic is one of the key points of any academic project.

Why It’s Important to Have an Interesting Research Topic

A project of this type normally lasts for quite a long time. You need to spend many hours through many days to collect enough information, put it together, organize a good paper, format it properly, and then proofread. It’s much better if you’re interested in the topic because the long hours of working will turn into a great experience for you. Searching for reference information is much easier and more interesting if you’re full of desire to know more on the subject. In this connection, it becomes clear that your project will be deep and packed with amazing facts because you work with inspiration and eagerness.

Where to Search for an Interesting Research Topics

Look through the Internet. Online libraries of schools and universities can be very helpful, and so are writing labs and online databases. With their help, and with the help of specialized websites, you can find long lists of perfect project topic ideas in all possible spheres of life.

  1. Is it good that big companies often outsource their production to developing countries where children are used to work for them?
  2. Should companies take more care of their employees’ health, providing them with fitness plans and the access to a gym?
  3. Despite all the struggle for equal rights, women keep on earning 75 cents for every 1 dollar a man earns at the same post. What’s the matter?
  4. As soon as there’s a certain minimal wage, should there also be the biggest allowable wage for a person?
  5. Are people in the USA workaholics? Should they work less than 40 hours per week?
  6. Should parents participate in the process of censoring school textbooks and other educational materials?
  7. Should college athletes study on the account of the college in return for their fame and achievements?
  8. Should regular exams be replaced with another system of knowledge evaluation?
  9. Should teenagers in the USA have the British “gap year” between their school graduation and entering a college?
  10. Should the assortment of food in school diners be reduced by removing junk snacks?