Helpful Directions For Creating A Research Paper Outline In MLA Style

There are different writing styles that a writer can employ when composing a research paper. Modern Language Association (MLA) is one of the most commonly used styles. Therefore, when you want to use it, you should first read and understand the guidelines that are related to it. If you have never done it before, simply focus on the following:

The standard paper

MLA guidelines specify that all those who need to employ this style should not handwrite but type on an A4 page on their computer. Once done, they can now print this on 8.5 ×11 inch white paper.

Use a suitable font and font size

The choice of the font is very important when using MLA style. There are some that are very clear while others are not. You need to make sure that you use a font that is easily readable by any person. In most cases, the New Times Roman is recommended. Moreover, font 12 is also most recommended because it is clear and easily readable. Make sure you adhere to these two rules to avoid doing irrelevant things

Spacing between words

When developing the paragraphs, it is important to be keen when it comes to spacing between words. This is usually unique for each writing style. For MLA, it is recommended that double spacing should be used in between words.

Spacing after periods

After you have composed a sentence and used a period, single spacing should be used when you want to move on to the next sentence. This also applies to other punctuation marks that can be used in your paper such as comma among others. They are specific to this style of writing and therefore, you should not forget them.

The margins

In MLA writing style, 1 inch spacing should be set on margins for all sides. That is, whether left margin, right, the top or the bottom. Make sure you use 1 inch for all these. Do not use one inch on one side and adjust to two or three inches when setting for the other sides.


Unlike other formats, MLA recommends that after every paragraph, the writer should indent the first line of the next paragraph. This should not be done manually. To obtain uniformity, “Tab” key should be used.


When citing your sources, simply mention the author’s name, starting with the sir name and then the middle name and the first name.