General Advice On How To Construct A Research Paper Outline About Video Games

Contrary to popular beliefs, video games are not always a waste of time and effort. There are plenty of respectable video game professionals, who make good money, simply by researching on video games. The career choices offered in this field include graphic designers, video game producers, sound engineers and video game testers. The prevalence of these games are also the concern of many disciplines and, hence, many students and professionals are opting to conduct a research paper on this topic.

Practical experience is important

If someone is planning to write a research paper on video games, he or she must possess a vast gamut of actual playing skills and experiential knowledge regarding them. This knowledge should not just be restricted to that particular game that happens to be the subject matter of the paper but also all sorts of games, in general. The author of the paper should also have a working idea of the current trends in the video game market, popular new releases and video game equipment that are currently in demand.

Settling for a particular central topic

A paper can only cover a single topic although relevant links to other related topics can be mentioned in due course of the thesis. There are a variety of topics to choose from:

  • What are some of the immediate and long-term effects that the substitution of physical activity by video games have caused?
  • Reasons behind the expansion of the video game market and the changes that it has experienced since its inception.
  • It has effectively been proven that video games result in the rise of dopamine levels that may prove to be fatal. Why have they, then, not been strictly banned?
  • Have video games been integral in creating a smarter generation? Give your reasons for or against the answer.

Including case studies in the paper

Real life can be one of the most expansive and credible sources of information. By citing case studies in the paper, the author eliminates the notion that video games are only a virtual phenomenon, successfully. It shows that these games, which were a by-product of Western technological advancements, are equally important in the actual global scenario.

Exemplifying legendary video games

Certain video games are considered extraordinary masterpieces in the gaming world. Giving them special mention in the paper, gives the author an added edge as it portrays to the readers that the author is not just a passive witness to this global market but is, himself or herself, a part of it.